The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) logo is formed by a series of seven concentric arc segments representing the seven concepts of the original WELL Building StandardTM. Together, these individual concepts converge to create a ground-breaking program. The IWBI logo represents the strength that these elements have when assembled together in a clean, sophisticated and modern arrangement. The organization name is set in the IWBI brand’s official sans-serif typeface, Museo Sans, filling the gap between arc segments.

Workmark Black
Logo Black
Logo Gray
Logo White

    <svg class="iwbi--logo-black">
    <use xlink:href="../../user/themes/r00t/build/svg/symbol/styleguide.svg#iwbi--logo-black#lingo--Arrow_Down"></use>


Third-party application of IWBI logo

IWBI permits use of its marks to official IWBI partners and collaborators, including for the uses of conference or event sponsorships and promotional partnerships. The IWBI logo may be used on approved digital assets, print pieces or event/ experiential signage. WELL Certified projects should use the corresponding WELL Certification seal provided to them by the IWBI team in order to market or showcase their achievement, and WELL APs can use the official WELL AP mark to indicate their status. However, neither of these cases are appropriate nor approved uses of the IWBI logo. If you would like to request use of the IWBI logo for an approved use case, please email marketing@wellcertified.com.

Logo integrity

The IWBI logo should always be used as-is, with appropriate sizing, with no modification (stretching, separation) to the logo’s elements. IWBI at times uses the concentric arcs as a separate design element. However, third parties leveraging the IWBI logo should never separate the arcs from the logo text.

Logo color

Cool gray 11 (see “Brand Color Palette” section for more information) Alternate logo usage: Use white when logo is not legible in gray or when background is a dark color or photograph.

Logo sizing

To maintain legibility the IWBI logo should never be used at a width of less than one inch (or 300 px wide). The IWBI logo should always be scaled to equal proportions to ensure no stretching of the logo occurs.

Clear space

The clear space should never be less than 100px. Clear space standards are provided in order to ensure that the IWBI logo is clearly distinguishable in all applications.